100% Inspection Technology for Superior Vision Inspection Systems

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Business software

Technological advancements in any field provide more efficient ways to accomplish a task or improve on a product or service. Fortunately for the pharmaceutical, security, packaging, converting and printing industry, vision inspection systems have advanced in capability along with the pace of technology. PC Industries has captured this technology and progressively made it more sophisticated. They provide 100% inspection systems, digital web viewers, and automatic off-line and PDF proofreading solutions. Here are five reasons why PC Industries vision inspection systems greatly improve quality, and provide the best service in the industry.

  • PC Industries offers the Guardian PQV, which is one of the most flexible and powerful products available. Its features include 100% print inspection, barcode grading, dimensional gauging, and sequential number verification. It accurately detects and marks defects, providing a secure audit trail so printers can guarantee accurate product is being shipped to their customers.
  • PC Industries 100% inspection systems capture the printed area in its entirety. The efficiency of their systems increase productivity, reduces waste and eliminates the need for costly reprints.
  • The Graphic Vision GV Series by PC Industries is a highly affordable digital web viewer system that shows press images on a computer screen in real-time. It is a remote controlled system that has either a manually adjustable or motorized lateral traverse.
  • PC Industries systems offer a 30-day performance guarantee to ensure their customers receive a product that is working exactly as expected. Although it is rare, if a system needs to be returned, they will refund their customers their purchase price, minus startup and shipping costs.
  • PC Industries has built a reputation in the industry as the principal manufacturer in their field, and their products and customer support have received high praise from their customers

PC Industries also provides excellent customer support services. They provide a monthly newsletter to keep their customers informed about the industry, and to offer specials deals to show their appreciation for their business. Vision inspection systems are necessary tools for quality control. With PC Industries, companies who are searching for inspection solutions will receive systems that will provide the type of output they need to remain competitive in their markets.

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