3D Animation- Now easy to use

by | Nov 19, 2011 | Graphic Software

one of the best inventions that has happened in all these years is computer. The computer has proved to be a boon to mankind. There are unlimited uses of the computer. You can chat with someone, play games, design, create and what not just by few simple clicks. One interesting feature of the computer is animations. Computer animations have improved leaps and bounds in the recent years. You can make wonderful life-like animations using animation software. 3D computer graphics are used for modern computer animation but 2D computer graphics are used for styling, faster real-time renderings and low bandwidth. 3D is very much in and a lot of people have appreciated it. Many films have started using 3D and have millions of fans too now. Young and old people all have caught fancy because of the animation software.

Why is it easy to use?

You will find multiple easy to use animation software that will be low cost. Any average computer user will be able to create stunning animations. Animation software like Maya , 3D studio are available in the market and you can purchase them. But they require specialized training and experienced people to use them. There are some animation software that have a simple interface but can create marvelous results. The simple animation software allows the user to create high quality graphics, draw and animate 3D models, also produce cartoon animated movies, create interactive 3D content, design natural and beautiful environments. 3D games can also be designed provided one has the capability.

a must have for 3D animation software is physics engines. They give realistic looking interactions between various animation elements. Appropriate rigid body motion takes place with the help of these engines. Also it provides advanced functionality in action based animations like flight, friction, vehicle motion, crashes and so on. The physics engines are improving day by day as more software technologies are developed. This will eventually lead to more realistic animations coming the viewer’s way.

Some animation software have strong capacity but require a long time of training. There are many animation software that make complex sequences look easy but they are very costly too. Some animation software are easy on the pocket and also do not compromise on the features. Log on to the net and you will get what you want.

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