Decrease Employee Errors And Delays With Top Oil Change Software

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Software

Automotive industry software support designers understand that running an oil change service is a very demanding job. Typically employees are facing a constant line of vehicles of all types waiting to get a lube and an oil change.

It isn’t uncommon in very busy shops for mistakes to happen. In many cases, it is nothing serious or potential problematic for the vehicle, but it can have an impact on your bottom line. Consider the difference between house oil and the premium varieties, if there were constant miscommunication between the service staff and the front office, it could add up to a lot of money over time.

This is just one example of why we have designed a state of the art oil change software package that can be used throughout your entire shop. You can have it on your computer in the office, on a laptop for the billing staff, on tablets or smartphones for greeters and technicians. It can also be available on your mobile devices for real-time management.

Employee Use

When the customer first pulls into the bay, your technicians can immediately approach the driver with a tablet or smartphone. With our system, the tablet or smartphone can be used to scan the VIN, automatically indicating if the customer is in a loyalty program or has any coupons, gift cards, or specials on their account.

The customer can then look at the applicable service options, and the technician can also make recommendations based on the information the system loads about the vehicle. There are no errors, and the customer sees why the technician is making the recommendation based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Billing Options

We even have your billing options covered in our oil change software package. With a small hip printer, the technician can print off a receipt for the customer, or the system will even allow the customer to receive a copy of the invoice by email. This is not only time saving, but it is also a green option, something many consumers are now demanding.

Finally, to make it even easier, our oil change software can be integrated with card readers to allow your technicians to swipe the card and have the customer sign right on the handheld device.

Since everything is done in one location, and the data is transmitted wirelessly to the main data storage, this is an error proof system when it comes to mistakes as to the service requirements or the package selected by the customer. Fewer mistakes mean happier customers and people that come back again and again

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