How Customers Benefit From Auto Service Shop Software

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Software

It is amazing how little time is spent on auto service shop software. Because customers don’t necessarily care which options you choose, you may not think it matters, but it does. These tools were created to streamline your productivity, increase your satisfaction, and improve the experience for all, even customers.

What It Is

Primarily, auto service shop software includes one or more programs that help the company manage everything from appointments to inventory or employee labor to estimating the cost of repairs. You get a myriad of information with a few mouse clicks and can be more efficient, proficient and reliable, which is everything that your customers desire. Without this technology, you won’t be alerted when stock runs low or is gone altogether, and may have difficulty saving/retrieving receipts.

The Convenience Factor

Auto service shop software can give you more accuracy and make things much more convenient, both for employees and the owners. Repair estimates are much more accurate, less time is spent cashing customers out, and techs can determine which car is next and what needs to be done much more efficiently.

Likewise, you can create customer databases, which include their history with your company. You can quickly scan to see when their last oil change was performed or when they had their last tune-up. These programs make it easier for you to help your customers. For example, you can send them friendly reminder emails or postal mail pieces that tell them their oil change is coming due or that they may need a tune-up. You can also look up their vehicle and recommended maintenance to help build rapport and get more business.


You may find that the reports you can generate from these programs make the whole thing worthwhile. You can determine what is selling well, what isn’t, and can also work in what competitors are doing to create a well-rounded strategy.

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