How to Increase Booking Online

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Computer security software

The explosion of the online travel industry has created a quandary for conventional travel agents and hotels. One may wonder if one can compete against the major sites that seem to be enjoying the lion’s share of the attention and visits in the online travel industry. In addition, a hotel owner may wonder how valuable his or her site is for e-commerce since the assumption may be that the actual booking will happen somewhere else. There is still a major advantage to having bookings directly onsite, and the right hotel digital marketing strategy will help you find your way in the online travel maze and still retain your unique service.

The Power of a Responsive Site

The reason why larger travel sites may be stealing fire away from individual hotel websites may rest on one detail—responsivity. Many websites have not caught up with contemporary reality and the fact that the vast majority of prospective customers will access information about your hotel on a mobile device. This may seem obvious, given the amount of time people spend on their handheld devices, but too many web masters don’t consider what this means for their sites. Websites that are not responsive don’t look the same when accessed from a mobile device. They are still designed for the PC era and lose some of their essential qualities when they are viewed from an iPad or smartphone. An expert web designer can ensure that your site is responsive and still looks fresh and inviting when the visitors reach the site through a mobile device.

An Integrated Approach

Your hotel digital marketing approach should be integrated to include various features to drive traffic to your site. Search engine optimization is a time-honored method of getting visitors to your site through the use of search engines. When people type in a search term, they are taken to a website based on the keywords they use. A search engine optimization or SEO strategy allows your website to have a higher position in search engine results. This makes it more likely that visitors will come to your site. In addition, a social media strategy will engage prospective users and also encourage them to spend time on your website. Once the visitors are there, engaging content will hold their interest, and they may make bookings directly on the site. A hotel digital marketing strategy includes all of these elements to bring new visitors to your site and helps you convert visits to bookings without the intrusion of a third party. Visit to know more!

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