The Advantages Of Shop Management Software

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Software Company

Owning repair shops can be an exciting way to keep your dreams alive and help others. However, if you don’t have shop management software, you could be working harder than necessary to get the job done. Plus, you may make it harder on your technicians and be slower for the customers, which can cause strife among employees and reduce the amount of business you see.

Track Inventory

Many repair shops need a variety of products and tools to do their job. Your technicians can’t fix vehicles if they don’t have the parts. Plus, they can’t wipe their hands or check the oil dipstick if there are no towels and cloths available. You’ll be able to see what you’ve got in the storeroom on hand and can quickly determine when to order more if you have shop management software.

Improve Relationships

You can also improve the relationship you have with each customer because everything is streamlined. They can walk in, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve got all their information up and ready. They won’t have to give you their address and phone number every time, and you can see when they last visited and for what purpose. You can also offer service reminders via text or email when it’s time for their next maintenance visit.

Increase Efficiency

With shop management software, your tasks don’t take as long because most of it is automated. You won’t have to input information all day, nor will you run out of products. Everything is more organized, as well, which means you can find the information you need faster and get technicians working sooner and customers out the door and satisfied.

Better Reporting

You can also generate reports for customers and back-office needs faster, ensuring that you get proper information and can determine what’s working and what needs to be improved. For more information, visit the website

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