The iPhone Postcard App- Developing a New Way to Send Photos the Old Fashion Way

by | Sep 25, 2012 | Software

While today’s digitally driven age has made taking, sending and sharing photos easy, there are many living in today’s society that still cherish the idea of holding an actual physical photo. While it is nice to save thousands of photos right on your phone and to be able to show and share your favorite pictures whenever you are on the go, many will agree there is nothing quite like having an actual photo in your hands. Although some people view them as old fashion, traditional photos can be a great keepsake, whether you want to add them to a photo book, display them on your fridge or display your photo in your favorite frame. This is why many people are surprised to find that new developments in technology have actually made it easier to send ‘old fashion’ traditional photos.

If you use the right iPhone postcard app you can actually harness the power and technology of your smart phone to take, create and send traditional photo postcards. In fact with this app you can send real postcards directly from your iPhone to any mailing address in the United States. All you have to do is download an iPhone postcard app, use it to take a photo and send it off right from your iPhone. There is no need for stamps, printing or running to the post office, the entire process can be done in seconds and can be done from wherever you are.

Just because you can use an iPhone postcard app to send actual postcards from your home, doesn’t mean you still can’t be personal with the postcard that you create. These cell phone apps make it easy for you to add your own personal message, sign your postcard with your finger so your real signature appears and to even include a map on your postcard that has your GPS location so the receiver can see where you are sending your postcard from. This means while the process may be entirely digital, the result is the same as if you were creating your very own photo postcard from scratch.

With applications and programs such as the iPhone postcard app, many people are finding that taking part in old traditions, such as sending a traditional photo over mail, is easier than ever. After all, with so many people on the go in today’s society, most find that they simply don’t have time to create some of these old fashion photo postcards. The good news is everything can be done digitally, whether you are looking to send a postcard to brighten someone’s day or to celebrate a holiday or birthday, all you need is the right iPhone app and you can get started instantly.

Postcard on the Run is an iPhone postcard app that makes creating and sending traditional photo postcards easy. Visit them at to learn more about this app.

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