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by | Jul 27, 2016 | Software

There’s no denying that technology has improved many aspects of running an automotive repair business. Better tools and techniques coupled with the ability to remotely track just about everything has led to increased efficiency and improved results. So it should come as no surprise that automotive repair software is the next step in improving your repair business. With all the benefits of a centralized software for your repair shop, you’ll be able to service even more customers than before. Here’s how.

Everything Is More Efficient

From the moment a customer arrives to the moment they leave with their repaired vehicle, automotive repair software streamlines every activity along the way. It starts with an optimized greeting and evaluation process, complete with handheld peripherals that your employees can use to record whatever problem the customer sites as their reason for coming in. From there, an automatic check system quickly goes over every inch of the vehicle and pays special attention to mileage-specific maintenance. Finally, all this is can be explained to the customer in easy-to-read charts with accompanying estimates of both cost and time.

Keep Track of Employees

An active repair shop will have a lot of employees to keep track of, from schedules to quality checks and other important management activities. When your business has one program to handle everything management related, you can more efficiently keep track of workers. Use an automated system to schedule employee hours and double check that no one is working less than they want or more than they can. Use email updates to send your employees their schedules so no one shows up late.

Manage Your Inventory Better

The best kind of automotive repair software keeps track of everything that happens in your workshop simultaneously. This means you can track inventory at a glance and know what you need to order when. You can use a history analysis of your work so far to determine if an increase in business means you need to increase your parts on hand. History data and future projections can help you buy as close to exactly what you need as possible, not too much and not too little.

You can increase efficiency with the use of automotive repair software. The right software can help you streamline your customer experience, better manage your employees and keep track of inventory. All these factors come together to allow your business to grow with very little cost or extra hiring. Compare these benefits to how you currently run your repair business and see if an integrated software system is right for you.

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