How Effective is Enterprise Video Conferencing?

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Software

video conferencingTechnology and computers are changing the world around us on a daily basis. Less than twenty years ago, most homes did not have personal computers, but today, most everyone can access the Internet from their phone! These advances have greatly affected the ways in which we live our lives; they have also played significant roles in influencing how the corporate world operates and communicates with employees, clients, business partners, and target audiences. Given all the readily-available means of communication, however, nothing seems to beat the power of old fashioned human interaction. This is where enterprise video conferencing comes in; it allows people to connect face-to-face in a personal way, even if long distances separate the communicating parties.

Putting a Face to Business

When building business relationships and communicating among members of your own company, enterprise video conferencing can be a very valuable tool. It allows businesses and organizations to bring people together in one location for the exchanging of ideas and information. It gives long-distance interactions a personal touch, and also allows for the effectiveness of non-verbal communication.

Overcome Limitations

Oftentimes, in-person meetings cannot happen due to budget limitations or scheduling conflicts. Imagine the convenience of being able to pitch an idea to a prospective client or business partner from the convenience of your own office—all while the other party watches from the comfort of their desk, conference room, etc. By creating a more engaging and personalized interaction, your meetings and the information you are communicating through enterprise video conferencing will become more momentous and effective.

Engaging and Resourceful

In addition, video conferencing acts as a way to better engage your audience. They have something to focus on visually rather than just listening to a voice on the telephone. This helps to keep people more focused, thus enhancing efficiency and speeding up decision making and work processes.

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video conferencing

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