Is It Time For You To Consider Dedicated Server Hosting?

by | May 2, 2013 | Computer And Software

dedicated server hostingWhen your website has moved beyond the bandwidth and space allocated to the site through a shared hosting plan, it may be time for you to consider dedicated server hosting. Much like a shared plan, dedicated servers can be leased monthly through a hosting company. Many companies offer managed hosting plans, so a customer does not need to worry about setting up the server and ensuring it runs correctly, as this is generally taken care of as part of the managed hosting plan.

Hardware Requirements

If you feel your website has outgrown the space and memory resources provided by a shared hosting server, a dedicated server may be the right option for you. One advantage of using a dedicated server is the ability to customize the hardware used to run the equipment. You can choose the type of processor the machines uses to operate, as well as the CPU speed. The amount of RAM used is another option, and you can select the size of the hard drive.

The type of websites hosted on the server determines the type of hardware your dedicated server needs to operate correctly and efficiently. For example, the type of processor your server needs can be dependent upon the type of software used to run the server. Some servers run using an open source operating system such as Linux, for example. Another factor to take into consideration when selecting the hardware for your dedicated server is the type of content that is hosted, as well as the specific applications used on the server to support your website.  If your site uses a content management system, for instance, you may want to look into purchasing additional memory for your server.

Bandwidth and Networking

With dedicated server hosting, you select the amount of bandwidth you think your sites will use each month. On shared hosting, when another customer’s website suddenly starts using a lot of bandwidth, it can affect your site as well. If you want to speed up the display of your site to your visitors, a dedicated server is a good solution. Many hosting companies provide multiple IP addresses to each server. This is a good option for e-commerce companies, as a dedicated IP is usually needed to run a website securely.

When you decide on a dedicated server, you can ensure the server’s equipment is configured to operate your site as optimally as possible. From the operating system used, to the style of the control panel installed on the server, you decide on the options best suited to your website. If you are ready to learn more about dedicated server hosting, contact your hosting company to find out your options.

With dedicated server hosting, you control the amount of space, memory, and bandwidth allocated to your websites. If you want the convenience of a managed hosting plan, contact 24shells today to find out about dedicated server hosting.

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