Used Server Buying Guide

by | May 11, 2018 | Computer And Software

Buying a new server? It’s wise to assess your buying options carefully. Know how by going through the suggestions below.

Consider the driver

Before you shop around for servers, you’ll need to consider the driver support. Windows drivers are easy and should give you plenty of options especially if you’re checking out major manufacturers like Dell and HP, the Tech Republic says. Linux drivers, though, may present more of a challenge. If you don’t want to deal with OS woes and problems in the future, it may be wise to go with Windows drivers.

Look for redundant parts

It’s important to find servers with redundant parts. That way, if one power supply fails, you know there’s another one that’s going to take its place. That should give you time to fix the problem and ensure that the one running will have backup soon. This also means you won’t have to take the server offline, allowing you to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Think about used servers

One way to save on costs is to buy used Sparc servers. Make sure you order them from a reputable seller. That way, you can shop with confidence. Dodgy sellers may give them for less, but you could end up with a dead-loss unit in the end. That’s why it makes sense to shop from trustworthy sellers.

Pick a good form

Whether you’re buying new or used Sparc servers, it’s important to consider the form factor. For instance, a rack mount server means you’ll need to have more than enough room in your rack. How much rack space will the server need? That’s a valid concern you’ll need to factor in when you shop around for a server.

Pick storage options

Decide on how much internal storage is necessary. That should help you pick servers that fit your budget and needs.


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