The Benefits of Investing in Retail Kiosks

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Computer And Software

Retail kiosk is a terminal, which is popularly used to browse details of products in hyper markets/malls. This can either be a computer or display screen used to display information to customers. Retail kiosks are often seen in malls, airports and other locations. Retail kiosks are designed and customized as per the requirements of customers.

Consumers, today, prefer self-service options for a greater sense of control and speed in their shopping experience. Automated retail environment allows; customers virtually experience a product from a compact, attractive kiosk.

AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. is a leader in providing retail kiosks.

Products offered by AGS Transact Technologies Ltd:

 – Icore- WINCOR NIXDORF latest self-service terminal, the iCORE Railway kiosk is the product of a design philosophy in which versatility, reliability and ease of use are paramount concerns

– ‘BEELINE’ a digital Queue Management Terminal- ‘Beeline’ can manage Single as well as Multiple Window Queues with single or multiple services. The product is useful for sectors such as: Banking, Retail, Telecom and also for Airports, Hospitals and Railway Stations

– CERTO- has been created as a modular kiosk terminal perfectly geared to the demands associated with the multimedia targeting of customers. CERTO provides all types of communication and integrates all the possible multimedia components, from input/output using touch screen, via a sound system all the way to a document printer, implementing any applications

 – MINT- A Retail freestanding Kiosk in a different curved design. All functions of CERTO are available in MINT

 – i-MEDIATE- A Kiosk designed especially for photo downloading from digital camera and printing.

There are various advantages of investing in retail kiosks.

  • A retail kiosk helps customers to locate products in a store
  • A retail kiosk allows a customer to browse through the entire list of products available in a store giving them the opportunity to compare products and their prices.
  • Consumers can shop with the confidence that they are purchasing the best products at the best price

There are many benefits obtained from investing in retail kiosks. Find out what they are and how you can help your business grown by investing in retail kiosks.

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