Beneficial Features of VOIP in Boulder

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Computer And Software

One of the most important parts of any small business is the type of phone system they have in place. A great phone system can help everyone stay in constant communication, which is the driving force of any successful business. Many businesses are beginning to see the advantage having VOIP can offer their business when compared to traditional phone systems. Here are some of the most beneficial features of VOIP Services in Boulder.

Entry Buzzer Integration

Many traditional door buzzer systems are somewhat cumbersome in their operation and require employees to leave their work area in order to let someone in the office. By using VOIP to integrate your phone system with at two way intercom system, you can allow your employees to talk with individuals who are trying to enter the office space. If they deem the person worthy of entering the facility, all they have to do is press another button on their phone pad to buzz them in the door. This cuts down on the time your employees spend getting up and down buzzing visitors in, and it can help to keep unsavory characters from entering your office.

Voicemail to Email

Another very helpful feature that can help you and your employees is the voicemail to email tool. This allows any voicemail you have on your system to be transcribed into an email that can then be forwarded to the proper person. This will help the flow of information in your office, which will in turn increase overall productivity. In most cases, emails with valuable information will get lost in the shuffle, which means the information goes unused. This could be very dangerous for your business. If you are looking for a way to up the efficiency at which your employees work, the voicemail to email feature can help to remedy any productivity problems that may be going on.

If you are in need of a VOIP Boulder system, look no further than Ceres Technology Group. They have the knowledge and experience you need to fix any technical issues that may be present in your company. You can call them or visit their website, for more information.

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