Don’t Panic! There are Experts for Data Recovery in Minneapolis, MN

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Computer And Software

Everyone who uses a computer has made themselves a promise to keep their external backup up-to-date (if they even have an external backup). Usually, that promise is made after a system crash. Even businesses can find themselves in that situation, especially small business owners who get distracted with ‘small’ things like customers and making money and somehow forget daily backups.

We’ve all watched movies or TV where someone inserts their magic data recovery disc and incomprehensible data starts flowing across the screen, finally resolving itself into the ‘lost’ data, once again saving the day (girl, universe, whatever…). When our own systems have completely crashed, taking the customer list, family pictures or the college papers due shortly – that’s a real disaster. So how do the techs get our stuff back?

Hard drives fail in two general ways: physically (components failed) or logically (corrupted or data deleted by mistake). Logical failures can be the easiest to fix, actually. Data recovery experts have programs for multiple operating systems that find the lost data and copy it to another hard drive.

Recovering data after the hard drive failed is more complex. First, the hard drive needs to be put into working condition and the data copied to another drive. This process must be done in a clean room with special tools. One tiny error could result in the data being permanently lost. Once the drive is restored sufficiently to be readable, the drive is cloned and the data recovered. This whole process requires a real expert.

Strike Twice Computers can customize a brand-new computer for you until it’s the exact computer that you always wished that you had. If you aren’t in the market yet for a new computer but are trying to keep your old one functioning for a while yet, these are the go-to guys. They have been repairing computers for over 25 years and have probably seen it all.

Unlike some ‘computer geeks’, they really understand that their customer is the person standing in front of them, not the computer, and the tech will discuss the available options to learn what best meets the customer’s needs. Whether the problem was caused by a virus or spyware, hardware or software problems or the system crashed completely and Data Recovery in Minneapolis, MN, is the only answer, give them a call or browse their website and check out the solutions they offer.



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