Guide to Selecting a Legal Time Tracking Software

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Software

Gone are the days of paper records. Even electronic spreadsheets have become somewhat inefficient in an era where a smartphone app exists for every need. For attorneys who bill based on time spent on the individual client’s case, it is essential to accurately keep track of that amount. When you send out a bill, lost time means lost income. Choose a legal time tracking software program that helps your law firm be efficient and thorough in its recordkeeping.

No Need for Technical Support

When you choose a web-based program like Online Legal Software, you do not need to have in-house technical support. For a small business, this can be a big advantage that saves a notable amount of money and time. The software itself is intuitive and easy to learn for everyone on your team. However, your subscription includes a training program, support, and updates at no extra charge.

Track Time and Schedules Together

Online Legal Software integrates information from all users into a single cloud-based system. You can keep everyone apprised of the daily and weekly schedule with no hidden costs or extra work on your part.

This software is smart, combining the calendar function with the legal time tracking software. This means that when you get ready to send a bill, the system will remind you to check for all billable expenses. Meetings on the calendar, hours logged in the narrative, and additional rates that you specify will all be included.

Detailed Time Tracking Tool

Keeping up with every detail can sometimes be challenging, and billings can slip through the cracks. The time tracking tool in Online Legal Software starts with setting up a client file and matter. To work on any matter, simply designate the type of activity and start the timer. Should a lawyer forget to start the timer, the matter is still attached to that client’s file, Simplicity at its Best

There are plenty of programs that come with added features that you might not even need. Online Legal Software has everything you need with nothing that you do not. Sometime the best products are those that simply get the job done. You can benefit from back office supplement without the extra hassle.

Take the software for a test drive to see how it can benefit your law firm. Legal time tracking software is a practical option for organizing a schedule and keeping track of every client detail.

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