Redesigning Your Shopify Site for Custom SEO

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Web development software

In your time spent as an e-commerce website owner, you’ve likely run across the term SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This is a marketing tool used by many websites to attract visitors and convert visitors into sales. SEO is how a search engine finds your website amongst the thousands of other websites offering similar products or services.

Shopify is an intuitive e-commerce site perfect for both beginners and those with a few years of experience. If you run an e-commerce site using the Shopify platform, but you haven’t focused any of your marketing strategies on SEO, it’s time to redesign your website with Shopify custom design SEO marketing. Marketing with SEO is different for e-commerce sites from traditional websites, so it’s important to use professionals that understand how to implement SEO strategies that get results.

Research and Content Generation

If you want to attract visitors to your e-commerce site, you need custom content that’s focused on specific keywords. When you create a Shopify store custom website design, the content you choose cannot be generic. If you use generic content that hundreds of other sites use, your website will get lost in pages of search results. Keyword research involves finding the most effective keywords, including those most used by the average Internet user, and creating product descriptions, meta tags, blogs, and inner page content using those words. When search engines realize your site is relevant to those keywords, it will start moving your site up in the results. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to get clicks and conversions.

Website Analysis

It doesn’t matter how pretty or professional your Shopify custom design website looks. If people can’t find you, they’ll never see it. You must analyze your website visitors to determine which pages attract the most visitors, which pages keep visitors browsing the longest, and which pages don’t seem to be effective at attracting or maintaining visitors. Analytics will also tell you which pages are making you money and which need a redesign. By using custom SEO marketing strategies, you can effectively build a strong e-commerce website that ranks high in the search engines and has a high conversion rate.

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