Things to Consider when Planning a Shopify Store

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Computer And Software

Launching your first Shopify store is exciting but that excitement can quickly to turn into frustration without careful planning. First, choosing a theme can be a daunting process considering the fact that there are hundreds of themes to choose from, but all of them might not be appropriate for your business’s needs. Second, you might pick a really great theme that fits your business but do you really want a cookie cutter theme to represent your own, unique business? From there, a seemingly endless list of questions and considerations for creating a Shopify store seem to appear. Before you get too overwhelmed, make sure you have a plan for a few basic things.


The design is the first thing that your customers interact with on your site so you want it to be professional, modern, and engaging. Shopify offers hundreds of great-looking themes but you may want to consider either customizing a pre-made theme or having a site designed from scratch. Having a cookie-cutter site is not appealing to customers and diminishes the professional appearance of your company. Other than color scheme and image locations, you will want to integrate responsive design, mobile commerce, and SEO ideas into your design plans.


Mobile shoppers are quickly overtaking the amount of desktop online shoppers, making it more important than ever to make sure that your Shopify design is mobile-friendly or responsive. If your customers have to do a lot of scrolling, pinching and zooming, there is a good chance they will get frustrated and leave your site since it is wasting so much of their time just trying to make a simple purchase.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, SEO and digital marketing are important parts of ecommerce website design. Your store’s location and contact information which is typically located in the header or footer of your website, is incredibly important to SEO, and will have to be taken into consideration during the design phase of your Shopify store. Shopify also uses third party apps to help you integrate your store into your social media profiles, which is not only a digital marketing tactic but also a help to your site’s SEO health.

Seek expert advice

Shopify offers a lot of options for people to create, manage, and maintain their online business with a DIY attitude, but sometimes you may require some expert advice and assistance for the more advanced tasks that may be out of your personal knowledge bank. Seek out the expert advice of ecommerce web design and digital marketing agencies such as 1Digital Agency to help you take your Shopify store from a simple template to a custom-designed ecommerce powerhouse.

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