Three Questions to Ask Your Web Designer Before Redesigning Your Website

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Computer And Software

Do you have a website that has lost its luster or isn’t getting good results on the search engines? Have you been considering a website redesign for a few months and finally want to make the investment? It’s no secret that the right website design brings Alberta businesses to the forefront of the search engine pages and attracts more customers nationwide. Before you agree to work with a particular company, there are a few questions you should ask the designers.

Can You Implement Our Brand’s Message In the New Design?

Just because you need a website redesign doesn’t mean you don’t currently have a brand for your company that isn’t working. Designers should be willing to work with any color schemes and design elements that currently brand your business. The website design should also convey a message to visitors that is inviting and helpful. If you’re trying to sell a service, you want a website design that is clean and aesthetically pleasing, while also emphasizing how your brand benefits visitors. For product sales, you may want something more eye-catching and demonstrative of your products. Either way, you need a design that considers your current branding and implements it into the new design.

Can You Reach Our Target Market?

When you first work with a new company for website design in Alberta, the company should be asking you about your target market. Your target market is the largest group of people who you want to convert into customers. Maybe your website sells sports equipment and your target market is men and women from 18-35. The website design should reflect your target market in the layout, colours, graphics, information, and navigation. The designers should be interested in analyzing your current site and determining how your target market currently interacts with your web page.

How Will You Implement Our Calls to Action?

This is one of the most important aspects of your website design. Alberta web designers should spend time figuring out the best ways to integrate your calls to action within your website. Do you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter? Do you need visitors to stop abandoning their shopping carts mid-purchase? It’s the responsibility of the website designer to create a site that convinces users to do whatever it is you need for the end result. When looking at a mock-up of your site, always make sure it brands you well, reaches your target market, and integrates calls to action in an effective way.

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