Importance of Cloud Computing Security

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Computer security software

Cloud computing security is a sub-branch of information security covering mostly network security and computer security. This new computing security unit uses technologies as well as controls that enable it to protect data, applications, and the whole incorporated infrastructure that protects cloud computing.

Cloud Security for Businesses
It should be noted that cloud computing security is an entirely different structure from cloud based security software offerings which are commonly referred to as security-as-a-service. Cloud computing security covers issues such as those faced by organizations that provide cloud computing platforms. In today’s business world involving many complex data applications, making certain that protection is in place particularly with a cloud environment is essential.

Cloud Security Concerns
Cloud computing service providers have the task of ensuring the infrastructure they provide to customers is secure to a point where the client’s applications and data are not compromised. The customer on the other hand must ensure they have taken caution to protect their precious data. For clients hooked up to a public cloud service, there might be concern about security issues due to extensive use of implementation and virtualization. Their concerns are legitimate since its common knowledge virtualization affects underlying hardware and operating systems.

Virtualization Software
With the above mentioned differences, cloud computing security also covers issues dealing with virtualization as virtualization needs to be configured accurately, professionally managed, and secured in a way to be difficult to be breached. Cloud computing security covers the potential compromise of virtualization software which in the technical world is known as hypervisor, preventing a situation where virtualization can be breached thus causing client information to be exposed.

Things You Need To Know About Cloud Computing Security
People dealing with cloud computing security must always ensure that proper security controls are set up in order to protect information from vulnerability. The security concerns covered are split into segments that include compliance, contractual issues, legal, and private and security policies. Since there are security concerns that come with cloud computing, many providers are offering policies that cover physical security on-site that are much tighter than those of traditional hosting platforms.

Enhanced Security Measures
Major providers of cloud computing services offer tighter security on their network by offering customers varied encryption that offers them a chance to secure their entry to the severs without worry about any outside intrusion. Employees working with such providers are tasked with active monitoring of the network performance, and taking necessary actions when they detect any intrusion.

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