3 Common Mistakes In Ecommerce Website Development

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Software Development

Most ecommerce platforms are designed to be user-friendly to some degree. There are some platforms that are extremely user-friendly and specifically designed for do-it-yourself templates and storefronts that allow you to upload images, content and choose features to launch your site.

However, just because a site is online doesn’t mean it will be successful. By hiring a professional ecommerce website development service, you can avoid the common and the often overlooked errors that will hurt a do-it-yourself ecommerce site.

Stock Photos and Copied Product Information

One of the biggest errors for any ecommerce site is the use of stock photos and descriptions of products that are cut and pasted from other sites or from the manufacturer’s information.

This will hurt the website in the search engine rankings and will prevent your site from every making that top half of the first page results. As Google and other search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, original images, text, and content will become even more critical.

Not Allowing Reviews

If the do-it-yourself ecommerce website development template doesn’t allow for reviews from verified buyers, you are missing out. Almost 70% of online shoppers will read other consumer reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, keywords and phrases used in the reviews can help customers find your products based on what actual customers are using in search engines.


While it can be difficult, it is essential for each page on the website to have a unique title. If there are duplicate titles, the SEO algorithms will penalize a site, which is going to drive your position the wrong way in the rankings.

With just a small initial investment, your ecommerce website development service will focus on SEO, boost conversions and provide quality website and online shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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