What Is An Atlanta Zend Developer And Do I Need One?

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Software Development

While it is possible that an Atlanta business may seek out a Zend developer on their own, it is more likely the service will be provided as part of a professional website design and development company’s services.

Zend PHP is a framework that is used in the development of websites and other web applications. Zend, like many of the options used today by cutting-edge developers, is an open source application that allows developers to access packages. These packages have been designed by the Zend PHP community to perform certain actions or components that can be quickly integrated into the website.

The Advantages of a Zend Developer on the Team

To give an example, a Zend developer will be able to use the components that are already available in the framework in their current form or by simply modifying the code. This allows a developer to add packages to the website to include captcha features, Event Manager, feeds, files, forms, logs, navigation, mail, or any other components required. In effect, each of the modules is an object, which can be moved, modified and used across any corresponding application.

This will not only streamlines the development process, but it also ensures that the community-designed and tested components will integrate into the Zend framework. In this way, it can speed up the development of a website and provide a customized site that is designed to meet the specific needs of your Atlanta business.

At the same time, by using a Zend developer that understands the modules and the integration of the modules in the framework of the website, issues with conflicts or unnecessary scripts will be avoided. This, in turn, makes the website perform more efficiently and doesn’t create the errors and issues that can happen when someone not familiar with Zend tries to use this PHP5 application framework.

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