The Role Of The API Developer

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Software Development

There are several different reasons why an Atlanta business owner may find he or she requires the services of an API developer. In most cases, the reasons for using these professionals is to allow different apps, working with different programming, to be able to share information.

This is increasingly important for business as consumers move away from using desktop computers or even laptops to search, buy and browse and move to the use of smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. As using an app is much faster, browser-based shopping and information gathering are also becoming a thing of the past on these devices.

For almost all situations where a business owner is working with an app developer, the API developer will be part of the team. However, a business may also require a professional to assist in communication between two apps once they are developed, launched and operating.

Understanding Common Language

It is important to realize that API or Application Programming Interface, is not a scripting language or a separate program. Instead, it is a set of rules written in software code to establish what information will be shared between the two apps (interfaces). These rules will work even if the two apps are using different programs, and only the information designed through the API will be exchanged.

Through the exchange of information between apps, both apps will perform a wide range of tasks, adding to their usefulness to the end-user. This is also an advantage to the end-user of the app as there is less need for repetitive data input to access the necessary information, features or functions.

To make things even more efficient, the API developer can integrate information from multiple apps through the use of the software code. This integration enhances the functioning of the linked apps, adding value and opportunities for Atlanta businesses.

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