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by | Apr 20, 2016 | Computer And Software

Have you considered creating your very own brokerage? It is much easier now that you can rely on online real estate management Cloud based programs that help you streamline everything. It is a simple process now compared to organizing and managing a real estate brokerage otherwise. You simply invite agents to join. Once they have joined you can manage and review transactions easily. If you choose, you can also create your own transactions on behalf of your current agents. This is the first step you need to take so you can start your own brokerage that can be customized and streamlined to your satisfaction.

Agents Need Compliance Templates to Follow

Once you have started using Cloud based technology then it is time to set up compliance templates that are easy to follow. You can do this with the assistance of companies that offer services with content-rich features that allow you to customize documents and tasks in a manner that reflects how you expect your agents to handle transactions on behalf of your brokerage. This can be set up in a specified order for each and every transaction. In order to maintain control over how your brokerage is being used, you can also flag documents and tasks so they must be reviewed before your agents can mark them as being finished. You will have peace of mind with the understanding that your agents are following your exact requirements and processes. You can even have it set so tasks are flagged and you are notified immediately. The beauty of this feature includes being able to review, approve, or disapprove documents and add comments. You can also lock documents so an agent can’t mark a compliance document or task until you have approved it.  Your conversations will also be saved via a conversation log, as well.

Avoid Legal Complications and Reduce Your Liability

When you use Cloud based technology you also get full visibility and the capability to audit your agent’s transactions so fewer mistakes happen. Overall this means you have fewer risks. Any transaction an agent works on and completes will be stored forever so you do not have to worry about losing any information. Essentially this means you will always be prepared for legal and state audits too. This type of technology is affordable and helps you streamline your brokerage firm in a transparent and easy manner. Consult with the professionals to learn more about how you can benefit from using Cloud based technology.

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