Getting The Most From Bigcommerce Integration

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Web development software

While the Bigcommerce platform offers a lot of features for ecommerce site development, there are always other applications that can add necessary functions and features to your site. With Bigcommerce integration, adding these applications and incorporating them into your storefront and website design doesn’t always have to be complicated or challenging.

The Basics

Integration is fairly simple with common applications like Facebook, eBay, QuickBooks, Google+ or custom newsletter programs like Constant Contact. These are such common additional components to any website that the platform allows integration with just a simple one click installation program.

However, not all Bigcommerce integration goes as smoothly as a simple click. Often, there are complex programming issues that have to be resolved for the app to work with the platform and other apps that may already be integrated. When this happens, turning to our experts in the Bigcommerce platform will help you resolve the issues.

Some Issues to Consider

Depending on your store, online sales model, and options, you may need to go beyond mere basic integration. There are some common issues that occur with integration, particularly when it comes to shopping carts and placing orders.

One very common issue that comes up often for our customers includes setting up order processing to allow customers to ship to multiple addresses. Without effective Bigcommerce integration of these apps, customers may be limited in their ability to include multiple orders or multiple shipping addresses in a single order.

Other issues that can occur between apps, particularly inventory and sales apps, can result in customer frustration with out of stock items. It is critical for the customer to know if the item is in stock at the time of their order to prevent overselling and developing a reputation for poor customer service and support.

Another factor to consider is testing the apps before customers start to use the site. Remember that if customers experience problems with the site they are unlikely to report the problem, but will probably go to the next site on the search engine results page instead.

Failing to complete Bigcommerce integration in a way that meshes it seamlessly with the platform and other applications will lead to lost customers and lost revenue. Working with a Bigcommerce web design team can ensure the integration is done correctly and that there are no issues with the customer experience or your ability to effectively manage the site.

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