Understanding Responsive Website Designs

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Search engine software

In today’s modern age people view web content on a variety of different devices and platforms. Long gone are the days when your website was specifically geared toward a desktop user. Being able to understand and incorporate different mediums in which to view your website is essential. This is why it is crucial that you understand the concepts behind responsive website design.

A Responsive Website: It Works

If you have a responsive Website Design in Houston the ways to view it is virtually endless, because your content and layout will change size depending on the device it is being viewed on. All of your headlines, graphics and videos will fit all major types of screens. The widescreen desktop is for the at home user who wants to view your site, the laptop screen is for the user who is either on the go or can use it at home and the tablet and smartphone screens are the newest additions and are the most popular way  most people will view you website.

More Cost Effective

Instead of having to design multiple formats for each of the mentioned mediums, a responsive website allows you to design one site for multiple formats. This is a very useful tool to a new website because you can have maximum exposure with one site design. This also keeps you from having to buy expensive apps to design you site to be compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Simplifies Your Site for Readers

With so many options for content these days, you need to make sure your site is user friendly. One of the worst mistakes a new site can make is alienating a user of a certain format. Having all of your attention geared toward desktop will in turn alienate your smartphone or tablet users and vice-versa. The new users to your site will be sure to come back again if they can easily navigate through all of your content, with any device they choose to use.

Accessibility for Small Screens

The major problem with most sites is that it automatically zooms out for smaller screens. This in turn makes all of the icons and text very small. This will make the majority of your content unreadable to tablet and smartphone users. When you have a responsive website it will automatically shrink the size of your columns but not the size of the text. This useful feature will make your site stand out as a mobile friendly site.

Find Important Information Faster

The desktop user generally has time to navigate your site to find hours of operations, contact numbers and other important information. But the smartphone or tablet users usually need this information quick, which can often be hard to access. Having a responsive site will make all of your important info icons stand out, therefore, making it easier for the mobile user to find this information. Most of the time a reputable service, such as professional web design Watford, will be able to assist you in making these changes and building a responsive site.

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