How EPE Components Can Help You with Your Overstock Inventory

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Computer And Software

If your business deals heavily with digital technology and devices, you likely have a lot of inventory on hand to take care of your business and your customer needs. This often leads to instances of what to do with overstock inventory that you do not need or that you need to phase out for one reason or another. Here at EPE Components, we can help you dispose of your excess inventory, while also saving you money and giving you some profits as well.

Outright Purchase

One option we provide to businesses is the option to have us outright purchase the bulk of any excess material and inventory that you have. Our team will do an audit of your inventory and then present you with an offer for the bulk lot of your overstock inventory items. We will take care of all the details and will work with you to coordinate the actual physical acquisition of all materials and the delivery of it to our warehouses.

Consignment Options

We offer a unique consignment program for our customers who wish to go this route. This program is designed to give customers the ability to retain ownership and control over their inventory, so that they have more control over it. Our warehouses will house the excess material, and then we will market and sell your material for a service fee. This is all done based on your specifications and instructions.

Consulting Services

This program is set up very similar to our popular consignment program, but it has a few important differences and distinctions. We will purchase the bulk inventory from your business, while you still assume full ownership of the products. We offer to consult on how, where and when to sell your inventory, and then you will pay a consulting fee to us from the revenues that you earn from those sales.

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